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Cook. Eat. Happy.

Photography luminously provided by D. Crowe Photography.

Mana produces locally made, mostly vegan, whole food products from organic ingredients. Together with a complement of seasonal vegetables or fruit, our meals offer a complete protein and a complete meal for a family of four. Our personal essence, spirit, or Hawaiian “mana” must be a part of our food: how we grow, make, cook, and eat it. This spirit encourages imagination and individuality as vital components to good eating.

More Than a Bag: Open Sustainability

We're tasty, healthy, pretty, smart, made in the USA, recyclable/from recycled content, and biodegradable. Our outer bags are made from harvested wood fibers from sustainable forests. They are 100% biodegradable.

Our labels are printed locally, from 100% recycled paper, milled with 100% hydro-electric power. Turn in your labels and spice/grain packets as part of our recycling program and we'll compost them at our commercial composting facility (do not try this at home, you need some serious mojo/manure).

Our pretty twine is grown, dyed, and spun in the USA. Even the spool it comes on is
100% recycled.